About me

“So who is the baker behind those lovely macarons?”, – this is probably the question that was flying in your head while you were reading through my recipes. Just kidding. However, if you clicked on this page then you most probably want to know a bit more about me. Below you will find some info.


My name is Anastasija and I am Russian/Lithuanian who lives in London, UK. I love traveling and exploring. When I was 17 years old I left my home in Moscow and moved to Switzerland to study Hospitality Management in Glion. During those times I did some internships in Geneva and Brussels. I also did some studies in UK, and worked for around 2 years in a very busy restaurant in Paris (in Accounts). I also worked in a very beautiful hotel in Battersea. However, my journey in baking started during the time that I was on my maternity leave. My daughter was a very calm baby, so while she was napping I was exploring recipes from Waitrose magazine. One day they published a macaron recipe… and my journey started!