My Goals

I am very excited about blogging and all this stuff that I am up to recently. However, as I have financial background, I like to have a specific list with goals and objectives that I would like to archive.

I also want to share with you, what Macarona D and myself are up to those days. It can be that you are curious, or you seek for advise, or maybe you want to share your experience: this page will give you all the info you are hungry for.

Therefore, I proudly present you my goal list. These are all this things I am working on now, and wish to accomplish soon. Some things are ambitious, some stuff can be seen as crazy, but it is good to know what you want, doesn’t matter what it is or what others think about it 🙂

Items that are crossed off are completed, and I will place the date when it has been accomplished.

I will always try to add new things to accomplish, as there is always root for improvement, and somewhere to head to.

So, let the game begin 🤩



Learn how to make consistent and perfect french macarons (June 2017)

Investigate Italian meringue and master it (January 2018)

Learn how to make mirror glaze (December 2017)

Go to a bakery class (27/01/2018)

Master mousse cakes (in progress)

Investigate vegan desserts

Create a macaron tutorial (in progress)

Start making cooking videos on Youtube

Write a recipe book

Do a master class

Make a cake for a birthday party (March 2018)

Make a cake or any other pastry for a baby shower

Make a cake or any other pastry for a hen party

Participate in the bakery show in London

Cooperate with one of the top chefs

Sell my creations to public

Create a unique dessert

Sell special baking equipment


Resign from my current job (DONE! 07/03/2018)

Become self-employed (ongoing)

Open a home based bakery (ongoing)

  • Get all the licenses required
  • Host an opening party

Sell some great stuff to people and share the sweetness

Grow to be able to open a bakery in Brentwood

Register a business (Ltd)

Get an offer to sell macarons somewhere else (kind of got it, but had to decline on 19/02/2018)

  • get an interesting offer

Go on a business trip

Go every month to a master classes to improve myself


Start a blog (11/01/2018) improve the content of my blog (ongoing)

Create social media accounts for my blog (16/01/2018)

Get 1k pageviews on my blog in:

  • a month (Feb18)
  • a week
  • a day


Get over 1000 Instagram followers

Facebook followers over:

  • 3k (April 2018)
  • 4k

Improve engagement

Improve my blogging skills

Cooperate with brands


Be a good example to my kids

Take my daughter & son to a Christmas market in Montreux

Ensure my daughter & son speak and write well in Russian, Dutch and English

Buy a house (September 2018)

Paint a wall in my house

Become a mom for the second time 💖 (accomplished: thanks to Matthias, who was born on 23 January 2019)

See more cities of Russia: Moscow, St Petersburg,  Sochi, Ekaterinburg, Ufa…



This page was last updated on 17/02/2020


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